2022 Kitchen Trends

Photo by S. Karlisch

Trends change from year-to-year! These are some of the biggest ones we are noticing - check them out below!

Photo by Stoffer Photography

1. Playful Color

While white kitchens are, and always will be, a kitchen staple - a nice pop of color is on trend for 2022. Colors are becoming more popular in kitchens through ranges, backsplashes, etc. If you are planning a kitchen remodel in your home and want to give it life, play around with the idea of adding some color!

Photo by John Powers

2. Wood Finishes

Wood finishes are another trend that we are seeing a lot of lately. From reclaimed wooden tables to a butcher block style countertop, wood finishes are on the up-and-up. The beautiful warmth of a wooden finish is a great touch in the kitchen, along with being a versatile material.

Photo by Velinda Hellen Design

3. Personalized Organization

According to a study done by Houzz in 2022, the popularity of built-in speciality organizers is increasing, with over half of homeowners upgrading their space with storage solutions. This is a more practical solution to storage organization that can display your creative side as well.

Photo by Delta

4. Workstation Sinks

Workstation sinks are another trend that can be a fantastic addition in your kitchen remodel! These sinks often boast inserts for cutting boards, drying racks, and more - making the functionality of your sink area that much better!

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