The Perks of Stainless Steel Sinks

It's no surprise stainless steel sinks are so popular in both homes and commercial settings. Their many pros make them a perfect addition to your kitchen. They are durable, easy to clean, and affordable. Not to mention they match well with multiple decor themes. If you haven't considered stainless steel sinks for your kitchen remodel, this blog might have you doing just that.

1. Durable/Long Lifespan

Stainless steel sinks have a life expectancy of about 30 years, making them a great investment for your kitchen. So you dropped an item in the sink? No worries, they can handle that. This durability, and their ability to resist heat and stains, give them a long lifespan.

2. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Stainless steel sinks are metallic which makes them easy to clean and maintain. All you need is some soap, water, and a soft cloth. You will want to scrub against the grain to prevent scratches, but even those are typically easy to soften.

3. Affordability

Stainless steel sinks range between roughly $70-$1,000+ in cost. The cost will differ depending on size, style, quality, and brand. For example, drop-in styles sit around $200-$300, while undermoount styles run between $200-$500. For comparison, the average price of a porcelain sink starts out around $200.

As with any sink material, the stainless steel sink does have its own flaws. These includes waterspots if not maintained often, limited color options, and can be easily scratched. All in all, stainless steel sinks make a durable, affordable option for any kitchen remodel.

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