Our boutique showroom displays a section of distinctive plumbing fixtures with a proven track record of worry-free function. The majority of the manufacturers we feature offer their customers a lifetime parts warranty supporting their commitment to quality. We display and have knowledge of the latest trends, styles, and products for the bath and kitchen. Our knowledgeable consultants guide you from one step to the next, making sure that your time is well spent and that your meetings are productive.

We welcome you to stop by and browse our premium selection of products on display, however, appointments are recommended so we can spend quality time with you and plan your project.

Before Your Consultation
Once you have made an appointment, consider the following before you visit:

♦ Bring your home plans - Our consultants are well-acquainted with building specifications and can suggest your best options

♦ Know your allowance - Your builder has established an allowance and we'll keep that in mind as we make suggestions

♦ Bring magazines and catalogs with styles you like - You will encounter a wide variety of choices, from contemporary to traditional, from luxurious to functional. Having an idea of your tastes will allow your consultant to guide you in the right direction.

♦ Bring color/tile/cabinet samples - It is important that your consultant knows what to work with.

During Your Consultation
Your consultant will show you products that fit your needs or those that your builder has specified. If alternative products are chosen, he or she will contact your builder to determine whether additional labor costs will be incurred as a result. Once the product list is finalized, you will then come in for a formal review. We handle the rest.

Interested in us?

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