Small Bathroom Renovation - Old Town, Alexandria Condo

When the brand-new owners of this beautiful condo in Old Town, Alexandria came to us with ideas for a bathroom remodeling project, we could not wait to get started. The unit was built in 1982 and still maintained its original bathroom, with the owner jokingly referring to it as the "Addam's Family bathroom." It featured a small, claw-foot tub with gold fixtures, green walls, and other antiquated elements that were in need of an update. The owners had a clear vision for this project and sought out our assistance in bringing this vision to fruition. We helped shape their ideas into realistic end goals within their budget, with help from our Caffi Services remodeling team and other vendors we regularly work with to provide top-quality product and service. 

After forming a solid plan for a COVID-friendly renovation project, our project managers were able to work with the owners in convincing the Homeowner's Association to approve the proposal over a Zoom call on the weekend. The only stipulation we were met with was to cease all work for a 10-day period during the holidays, which he happily agreed to. Once we received the green light, we proceeded with the next stage of the project.

The demolition stage began with a complete gutting of the bathroom by removing all fixtures, faucets, and tiled surfaces. We stripped the walls down to the framing for access to the plumbing, electrical, and other framing elements. This allowed us to inspect the newly accessible and visible areas for any damage and/or safety hazards. Upon further inspection, it was found that all the switches and outlets in the unit appeared to be the originals from 1982; these were replaced with modern safety technology during this process.

Following the demolition, we began reconstructing the bathroom based off the plans we made at the beginning of the project. We replaced the claw-foot tub with a walk-in shower, fit the shower with textured walls, and installed brand new HALO recessed lighting overhead. This was followed by the installation of tile flooring, a new vanity & toilet, towel bars, and other fixtures that now breathe new life into this beautiful bathroom. The owners were truly delighted with the final product, calling it the "bathroom of their dreams."

We at Old Town Bath & Kitchen take great pride in our work and constantly strive to meet the wants/needs of our clients. Our skilled project managers and artisans work closely with you every step of the way, from the initial planning stage to the final completion of your remodeling project. Count on us for our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and over 50 years of experience serving Northern Virginia.