Types of Bathubs

According to a 2019 study performed by Trulia, 45% of homeowners planning a renovation project plan to remodel a bathroom. The trouble is these projects require a lot of decision-making and an out of style design can really date your home. From choosing the paint color to the type of bathtub you want; these decisions are much easier when you know your options. Continue reading to learn about the types of bathtubs you can use in your bathroom remodel.


Alcove tubs are standard in American homes and are often combined with a shower due to the faucet being installed in the wall. These tubs fit into a three-walled nook with one finished side and are ideal for limited space areas, or families with young children. However, the downside to this option is that the size of the tub depends entirely on the size of your alcove.  


Corner bathtubs have a triangular shape and can typically fit up to two people. They take up less space than most other tubs, sitting comfortably in the corner of your bathroom. Unfortunately, they do take longer to fill up due to their spacious size. If you are considering a Corner bathtub for your remodel, you will need a spacious corner with hookups for plumbing.


Freestanding tubs are on the more luxurious side and very popular among homeowners renovating their bathrooms. When it comes to the style of freestanding tubs, you have options. Flat-bottom tubs are typically more modern looking and sit directly on the floor. On the other hand, clawfoot tubs have a more traditional look and sit on metal feet or “claws.” If you enjoy taking a nice bath to relax, we recommend going with the freestanding tub.


Drop-in tubs, sometimes referred to as “platform,” have no finished sides and sit on a frame. They drop into a surrounding structure and the contractor will finish the remaining edges of the tub, which allows for a more custom design by choosing the tile or paneling that covers the outside of the tub. You can install these tubs against the wall or in the middle of the bathroom, but keep in mind… installing a drop-in tub in the middle of the room will take up more space.

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