FOTILE 3-in-1 Sink Dishwasher

Do you appreciate having a dishwasher in your kitchen? How about functional storage space? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in the Fotile 3-in-1 Combination Sink Dishwasher. It is a multi-purpose unit that works as a convenient product combining a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and a produce/seafood cleaner. The in-sink dishwasher has an ergonomic friendly design that eliminates the need to bend over when loading and unloading the dishwasher, as well as freeing up extra under-the-counter storage space. 

The dishwasher features 5 wash cycles with temperatures between 113° and 158° - providing ample sterilization and bacteria elimination. With a 360° cleaning system and convection drying, you will use less water per wash cycle than a traditional dishwasher (3.17 gallons vs 6 gallons).

Need more convincing? Check out the video below.

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