Kitchen Storage Ideas

Better storage is often a high priority for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen. There are many ways you can do this while also maximizing the space. We have put together a small list of how to integrate storage into your kitchen remodel.

Appliance Garage

Appliance garages have been an increasingly popular kitchen storage addition for homeowners. They blend seamlessly into the cabinetry and make it easy to hide/store appliances, such as blenders and pressure cookers.

Open Shelves

We recommended incorporating open shelves and wire racks into your kitchen storage. They provide plenty of storage for plates, bowls, etc. You can play around with the visual contrast between your shelf and kitchen supplies to give it a personal touch.

Functional "False" Drawers

A great way to maximize storage is to put the typically unused areas to work, such as the the "false" drawer in front of the kitchen sink. You can make this area a sort of pullout drawer that works great for cleaning supplies storage, such as sponges and bruhses.

Pullout Trashcan

Not only is this a good idea to maximize space in the kitchen, but it also gets the trash out of sight. Some custom cabinetry makes this an easy addition to your kitchen remodel and can help your kitchen look clean and open.

Your Renovation, Our Innovation

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