If you are planning a remodel in your home then you know every detail counts, all the way down to the flooring. Whether you are well into the planning stages, or just toying with the idea of a remodel, the perfect flooring is out there for you! Continue reading for a few tips that can help you make the best selection for your vision and budget.

1. Consider Your Style

As with anything, you should let your personality and style shine through in your home. If you love vintage designs in your home, perhaps darker flooring is up your alley. On the other hand, maybe you're all about a bright aesthetic and want to consider something soft and subtle to help lighten everything up. The process will be made much easier and more fun when you go with styles that you love!

2. Consider Your Budget

Set a limit, have a plan, and remember your budget throughout every step of the project. You want to be aware of your budget in every material decision you make - from countertops to appliances to the flooring. Additions can creep up on you and sticking to your budget throughout can help you down the line.

3. Consider the Surrounding Area

If the flooring is one of the last things you have left to decide on, let the surrounding area guide you. It is important to make sure the space feels cohesive and allowing the surrounding elements to shine helps everything fall into place - especially if you are working with an open concept. When you consider your style and scheme, the process of creating a complete room rather than a series of pieces gets much easier. 

4. Select Flooring Based on Room Function

One of the best aids in choosing flooring is by thinking about the function of the room, and how the flooring will impact that room's activities. For example, you wouldn't want carpet in your bathroom considering the amount of water that is used in this room. The bathroom should have a durable floor, such as tile or linoleum. Use this same idea in every room to understand the functionality and purpose! 

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