Kitchen Remodeling Tips For 2021

A good amount of our time at home is spent in the kitchen, so much so that is known as the "heart of the home." As this room gets used more than most, kitchen remodeling is always a popular home project... plus an upgrade to your kitchen can add quite a bit of value to your home should you decide to sell further down the line. Therefore, knowing where to put your focus during the remodel can be the biggest battle, and we have put a list of trends together to help guide you!

1. Smart Appliances

If you are thinking about updating your kitchen area, chances are you're in the market to upgrade your appliances. If so, we highly recommend you consider smart appliances. These offer several features that can benefit your time in the kitchen, and most can even be controlled by your smartphone.

2. Under-The-Counter Appliances

Put all that extra space under your counters to use with some under-the-counter appliances, such as a drawer refrigerator or microwave. This can give you another place to store drinks, produce, and more! This can be a great way to keep clutter off of your kitchen counters, while also giving you more room for food prep and dining.

3. "Appliance Garage"

Do you keep a toaster, stand mixer, or other small appliances out on your countertops? Do you wish they were out of sight when you weren't using them? If so, you might want to consider adding an "appliance garage" to your kitchen so you can hide them away easily. This can also make them easier to access the next time you do need them.

4. Stretch Cabinets to the Ceiling

Have you ever noticed that most kitchen cabinets cut off just shy of the ceiling? We suggest stretching your cabinets all the way to the ceiling instead to take advantage of that extra space. This can give you more storage or a display area, all while creating a more seamless design in your kitchen. 

5. Customized Range Hood

You want to insert a hood that gives you the most powerful air extraction while still giving you that customized feel in your kitchen. Create a focal point for the space using wood trim, plaster, etc. as an extra design element in your kitchen!

6. Integrate Mixed Metals

A little mix-and-match in your kitchen can give it a fun, layered look and really amp up the space. Play around with the idea of mixing some brass, nickel, and black metals in the same kitchen space. Many of the top hardware brands offer their fixtures in multiple finishes, which gives you the freedom to style the space as you please.

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